Interaction Design

High fidelity wireframing for mobile optimizationInteraction Design
WIREFRAMES!!! lots and lots of wireframes with little CTA buttons guiding the user through a flow, a process an interaction.

All wireframes, mocks and prototypes are created based on strategic requirements.  If you do not know what the requirements are no worries we can help out with that as well.

Tools & Methodology:

  • Visio
  • Axure
  • Photoshop
  • Pencil and Paper

Information Architecture & Taxonomy

Information Architecture Diagram
Oh my, this is the exciting part when you can produce very large deliverable with lots and lots of line lists!  With these lists though we can create content models, taxonomy creation, controlled vocabulary development and user driven navigation!

We can recommend navigation schemes, category groupings, and good labeling – but we do not do this without some research like click testing or cardsorting.

Tools & Methodology:

  • Content inventory – current site heuristics
  • Visio
  • Excel – (because honestly who does not love a very big spreadsheet)
  • Site URL crawler of some sorts
  • OWL
  • Cardsorting
  • 5 second click testing……..

Usability Testing, Research & Analysis

Heat Map of Eye tracking Study

Seriously you can not recommend ANYTHING unless it is tested – that is just bad.  Testing can be done inexpensively and quickly and will save time and money long-term.  You may ask – how??

The scenario: You want to build a website about seagulls (because who doesn’t) and you want this website to be about the different seagulls in the midwest – especially the ones that live in the parking lots of grocery stores.  This site is for the general public is is meant to inform……Do you know if your users would like photo’s of the seagulls? how about maps of areas? live cams? How would your user look for information about removing seagulls from your parking lot?

Putting drawing, wireframes or mocks in front of users and asking them unbias questions is the first step to creating a site that will be functional and functional means longevity – so you will only need to hire me once.

Tools & Methodology:

  • persona development
  • google analytics
  • remote moderated and unmoderated testing
  • heatmaps and click testing
  • eye tracking
  • focus groups and dyads
  • survey…..

Content Strategy

test of different content labels

NEVER ever forget content.  So you may have heard the words content is king? The saying is right – you have nothing with out content and you have nothing good unless your content is organized and you can not organize content unless you have a strategy. Content much like taxonomy is living and grows – so it has a lifecycle and if not feed will DIE! So please do not forget about content – this may be the first step in doing just about anything – whether it is creating a website, a print brochure or a birthday party invitation…..

Tools & Methodology:

  • content models
  • content process and lifecycle definition

WordPress Implementation

Tools & Methodology:

  • wordpress
  • a computer