I started bristolarts.com some time ago as a way to support small local art communities. bristolarts has gone through several transformations as my passion towards art and usability morphed into what I do today – which is provide a clear and concise vision for the user – yup I advocate for the user through design interaction.

Starting in 1996 when computers where still newish I started a digital archive of public murals in Portland, Oregon and yes built a small access database of approximately 300 murals! This was the start of a beautiful integration of art and information.

From 2005 to 2009 I went to school to get a double Master’s Degree in Library Science and User Experience Design from Kent State University. I have used my education and experience to work in some incredible organizations in the greater Cleveland area: Cleveland Museum of Art, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and AmericanGreetings.com

When I am not working hard I volunteer my time as a user experience designer and web developer for such organizations as: Arts Collinwood, Freedom House for Women and Scoop on Summer – or I do freelance work – Cleveland Montessori, D’light Run, Taste of Little Italy and Integrated Mill Systems to name a few.

It is not always about work (though my mortgage company would say otherwise)I feel it is important to the community to educate about user experience design and volunteer on local boards including UXPA of Cleveland.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you about user experience and how user experience can be integrated into your life.

Please contact bristolarts.com.